sábado, 25 de febrero de 2017

Perou Trabajando Con Marilyn Manson

#aboutlastnight my old sparring partner and friend @marilynmanson and me @mrperou apres shootings 2.30am in #LA. Considering I've been shooting for 7hrs with a fractured knee (for the second day in a row) and my ears are ringing with manson's (epic) new tracks from his next album AND at this point I've been awake for 25hrs, I don't think I look as bad as usual. I've been working with this individual for almost 20yrs now. (yes,one day there'll be a MM book, promise) I've photographed #marilynmanson more than any other artist and it's always a good time and I always get great, original photos. It's so easy: I just have to point my camera in the right direction. Our shoot before this was MM doing my makeup for the #coulrophobia @maccosmetics #clownface project this time it's me shooting him for his next album and press. I only had to jack up (anti-clotting drugs) once in the toilets #drugswork #rockstar #godoffuck #legend #genius #photoshoot #tdp @jsragency @artmixcreative #crutches #celebritarianlibrarian photo by mick
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Perou quien estuvo a cargo de algunas fotos de la sesión para el álbum Eat Me, Drink Me ha compartido la gran noticia de estar trabajando con Marilyn Manson!
Perou ha mencionado en su cuenta de Instagram que realizó una sesión fotográfica para el nuevo álbum de Marilyn Manson SAY10 donde además pudo escuchar las canciones del nuevo disco que está pronto a salir y mencionó la idea de lanzar un libro con todas las fotografías que ha tomado a Marilyn Manson hace ya varios años.